Our time together will be spent tapping into your heart’s truest desires to weave together a life and business that feeds your soul and creates a business filled with abundance, beauty, and grace.

We'll connect with the essence of your sacred business and truly hear her desires.

We’ll dream about your clients and tribe so we can see and feel them with clarity.

We’ll release your dreams and burn the fears holding you back and keeping you stuck so that we can create clear action steps on your Sacred Circle Path.

Using a series of playful, guided questions that calls upon your intuition and aspiration, we’ll open up to the possibilities and opportunities that are your life’s purpose. All the time while staying in the sacred.




You are just starting out and know how you want to feel but not sure what that looks like;

You have too many ideas with no concrete direction and no clear vision;

You have big dreams but also big fears that are stopping you from fulfilling your purpose and stepping into your power; and/or

You have a deep desire to serve more people or create a program but you aren’t sure how or where to start.

Together, we will begin the process of:

  • Developing clear actionable steps and attainable goals that are broken down so they are easy, inspiring, and energizing;
  • Channelling your ideal client, see and feel their deepest desires, and design a way to authentically connect with them;
  • Designing your heart-centered service or product and map out a timeline so your launch feels manageable and calm;
  • Banishing limiting beliefs and procrastination by identifying and working through upper limit problems;
  • Synthesizing your vision based on playful yet deep exercises that allows us both to hear your inner voice;
  • Learning how your body speaks to you so you can begin to listen to your intuition and be guided by your inner voice to make the right business and life decisions;
  • And anything else your heart craves that will move you forward and bring your dreams closer to a reality.

I am here for you sister.

What you get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire to get the juices flowing;
  • 90-minute playful deep dive to bring your vision to life;
  • Soulful perceptive exploration into every area of your life and business;
  • A recording of our time together so you can relive the magic we created;



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I felt more seen, heard and understood than I truly ever had.

I signed up with an intuitive mapping session with Sora after a fellow coach raved about her magic. Without even questioning it, I immediately felt drawn and booked it that day.

What a sign to follow my heart! Wow. Every minute we spent together felt like a homecoming and I felt more seen, heard and understood than I truly ever had. Sora took the pieces of me that never felt connected and wove the most beautiful tapestry of self- past, present and future and handed me back to myself. I am in awe of this beautiful woman's intuitive heart, soft manner and sweet giggle that makes her so kind, generous and powerful all at the same time. I even experienced an immediate sign from my grandmother during our session that blew us both away. Ahhh magic!

I know our road has just begun and I cannot wait to see what sparks fly as I follow Sora on her magical path. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all I received. I hope one day to return even a quarter of that feeling to you and many others." 

Shari D. Teigman

Sora was able to pull out the parts of my business I had lost sight of.

I’m so glad I followed my intuition and signed up for a mapping session with Sora. I was feeling energetic, knowing I was “just about” onto something, but was having trouble putting my finger on it. During our session, Sora was able to tap into the heart of my business and pull out the parts I had lost sight of — the parts that were truly aligned with my mission. The most valuable discovery was really getting clear on who it is I want to serve.

My session with Sora breathed new life into my business, I have revamped my website and created a new group program totally based around this new ideal client and I am absolutely loving it. If you get an opportunity to share a session with Sora, do it! Your heart and business will thank you.

Casey Erin Wood