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The Sacred Gaia Mastermind

This is a high frequency mystery school fiercely embedded in sisterhood and sacred business.

We’ve entered a unique time on Earth:
Women are being initiated.

Sisters are being asked to summon the courage of our ancestors, of our star nations, of our soul’s connection to Mother Gaia and resurrect the cosmic warrior priestess within us.

There is an invitation to move beyond your edges.
To feel the steam of wild passion stirring from inside, deep within Gaia’s womb space.

To see what fierce really looks like.
To change Earth and step into your place as a bold, soulful feminine leader.

This is your opportunity.
The time to liberate yourself from the old patterning and connect with advance technology that will birth new life.



Sacred Gaia Mastermind

a mystical journey using The Emerald Dragon Tablet

6-Months, 12-Months, or 18-Months

Journey guided by your dragon so you may connect more deeply with Gaia, the Star Nations, and your Sacred Business.

This is more than a mastermind, it’s a mystical journey as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.


We shall sit together in the temple
and enter the cosmic field.

Together, we shall dive deep and heal wounds that have been keeping you stuck or placid in life and in your career.

During our Sacred Gaia Mastermind, we will access the collective consciousness and uncover new technology that will help you consider solutions outside of your current physical and mental capacity to see new ideas, structures, and resources to help solve a problem.

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"Sora completely embodies vulnerability, humility, strength, presence and commitment. She effortlessly weaves together her masculine and feminine energies to offer a balanced and congruent container to facilitate magic and transformation.

In working with Sora I have developed a clearer relationship with abundance, I have moved through family blocks that have prevented me from sharing my gifts with the world, I have developed clear language around what it is I do and have created a work plan with clear offerings for the next 6 months."

- Maria Kurylo,


Sacred Gaia Mastermind includes...

➤ The Emerald Dragon Tablet - an interstellar map
➤ Activating your own Emerald Dragon Tablet and key codes
➤ Two (2) 30-45 minute 1:1 sessions with me monthly
➤ Weekly intimate group calls
➤ Monthly group Sacred Business Jams where 4 priestesses are invited into the loving hot seats for laser biz coaching
➤ Monthly activations from your 4 Emerald Guides
➤ Sacred tools mailed to you to help transmit the information that is flowing through you from your dragon, your starship, your star nation, Mother Gaia, and the subtle realms
➤ 13-day + 21-day practices each month with sacred plant allies, cacao, your drum, and your personal medicine songs
➤ Monthly healing sessions with an Emerald Guide
➤ Virtual + in-person ceremonial retreats to help you drop into sacred space to go deeper with your work
➤ Sacred Business Path Portal with additional materials, practices, meditations, and so much more including…

  • Unique Sacred Branding Archetype + Sacred Money Archetype

  • Custom Meditations to support your psychic growth

  • Delicious Sacred Practices

  • Light key codes for deeper understanding

  • Personal earth and light transmissions to help you tap into the wisdom and guidance from your business


The Emerald Dragon Tablet desires for Cosmic Warrior Priestesses to move through the experience three times if the sister feels called. You are not expected to move through the Sacred Gaia Mastermind for a full 18 months if you feel complete after six. Together we shall drop in to see if an invitation to go further is required. The entire make-up of this system is to support divine, soulful feminine leaders to activate their inner core so they may powerfully create shifts on Earth in service of Mother Gaia.

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Dragon Activation Key Code 1::

First 6 months: Uncovering - understanding the Emerald Dragon System and the sacred tools that reside within you to access the information on the earthly plane and the cosmic plane. We dive into breathing life into your tablet, connecting with the outer realms, while also rooting deeper your business into the Earth for more nourishment and growth. You are going to remember deeply that you have come from Mother Gaia and from the stars. Your magic abilities will come to shape and form.

Dragon Activation Key Code 2::

The next 6 months: Deepening - now that you have learned the technology of the Emerald Dragon System, you may be able to listen and watch how it is constantly informing you. Your connection to your business and your dragon is now deeply in divine union. With this being said, you may be able to now access your starship and create powerful frequency shifts to battle the negative forces that are destroying the Earth and creating hardships for your community.

Dragon Activation Key Code 3::

The final 6 months: Mastery - it is time to ask your Star Nation to bring forth and transmit to you your very own CODEX. Your divine medicine and personal star map will help you hold space for others who are ready to awaken and move through several dimensions at a time - while always placing one foot here on Earth. Your personal Cosmic Warrior Priestess Star Guide will help inform how you move forward in the world, continue to thrive with your business, while serving Gaia herself.


Sacred Gaia Mastermind

a mystical journey using The Emerald Dragon Tablet

6-Months, 12-Months, or 18-Months

Journey guided by your dragon so you may connect more deeply with Gaia, the Star Nations, and your Sacred Business.

This is more than a mastermind, it’s a mystical journey as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.



a magical tool,
an interstellar, multidimensional map and system
that helps you align with your divine mission here on Earth
by engaging with your Dragon, your Star Nation, and your Star Ship.

Your Sacred Business links to this guiding system,
helping to transmit divine knowledge from other realms,
you connect to them through your Spirit,
into the way in which you engage with your clients,
your community, and your family.


“Having sat with you in the jungle I'm in adoration of how you translated your download of the Emerald Dragon Tablet for your community.

I have used the Emerald Dragon Tablet to restructure my altar. With only the awareness of the directions, I let my allies tell me where they wanted to be. After they were set, I looked to the tablet and was in such awe of the stones and how they were grouped together and the position they chose. Each morning since, I sit with my altar and ask for guidance regarding who to work with. At night as I write the lessons I've learned during the day, and the connections have been amazing.

I'm finding the tablet has me really meeting and communing with my stone allies instead of being passive way as I was before. I'm developing a deeper relationship to my allies in the four directions and it's been beautiful.”


Sora Magic alt.png

Sora Surya No -

As an intuitive leadership coach
and medicine woman,

I open sacred space for us to work with your mind, physical body, soul’s essence, divine spirit, and the subtle energetic system in the unseen.

As a mesa carrier,

one who works in partnership with her altar, I work with you to learn how to listen to your inner wisdom, uncover the blocks, and move you past your mind so that you can tap into the innovative, creative solutions that will allow you to truly embody your highest potential in this world.

Emerald Sora.png

I am…

a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, corporate leadership consultant, powerful medicine woman, business healer, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler.

I work with sovereign awakened women and men who are of service to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through earth medicine practices. 

I love to sit in ceremony with others and share the art of holding circle. I lead highly successful individuals and groups through powerful experiences blending real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help soulful leaders create great impact while priestessing their life. I am a believer of sisterhood + community while living a life that is wild, free, and calm. 

Karen Testimonial.png

"Having opened myself, asked the question and gave some context, Sora was immediately able to give me clarity. Sora had totally seen and witnessed me in a way that I thought would only be known to me. How she described me made so much sense it was like she’d taken off my blindfold for things became clearer and brighter. Sora also gave some strategies in terms of how I can move forward and I’m continuing journey of self discovery with increased focus. I was truly blown away by her insight and her gift to deeply see not just me but others." 

-Karen Hennessy Coles,


What if... no longer placed so much emphasis on this and instead, uncovered your internal truth? found your own guiding compass based on your true beliefs and values? claimed your vision based on integrity, self-responsibility, personal healing, and clear conscious dialogue? met your truth and showed up with authenticity, compassion, courage, and wisdom?


Please note the illumination process occurs with specific light key codes which is activated with me.

I invite you to enter the Sacred Emerald Dragon Temple Space with myself and your fellow priestess sisters for 6 months.

Our journey is in 3 parts. You are not required to move past Dragon Activation Key 1.

Emerald Dragon Activation Key 1:: Uncovering the Emerald Dragon Tablet
Emerald Dragon Activation Key 2:: Deepening Your Wisdom with your Star Ship
Emerald Dragon Activation Key 3:: Mastery with your own Star Codex

Each Activation is 6 months long. Therefore, you have the opportunity to participate in Sacred Gaia Mastermind for 6 months and then be invited to continue for another 6 or 12 additional months. 

Tracey Testimonial.png

"I was drawn to work with Sora for so many reasons. Sora's ability to go on a journey with me inside my inner world and hold space within me seeing what was holding me back from standing in my divine magic was beyond anything I could have dreamed about.

Her loving, fierce spirit are beautiful to witness. She has become a sister that I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m excited for what is coming next on our journey together.

- Tracy Neely,


This is only for priestesses who are…

curious about the world within them while being open to the mystical world outside of them.

Where science meets spirituality.

Where the wounded meets the heart. Where the earth meets the cosmos. Where the mind meets awakening. Where medicine meets illumination.

This sacred container will NOT…

  • Save or rescue you

  • Provide you with answers

  • Tell you what to do

  • Give you an explanation around the mysteries of life


This experience will…

  • Create more questions than answers

  • Invite you to get curious

  • Test the limits of your trust and faith in the unseen

  • Provide access to your cosmic abilities

  • Invite you to connect with your other mystical
    senses and help you access deep wisdom

  • Encourage you to take responsibility of your
    thoughts, actions, beliefs, experiences

  • Expand your capacity to weave magic

  • Invite deep healings and connections

This isn’t for someone…

  • Dabbling

  • Seeking answers and teachings

  • Not in full acceptance of mystical experiences

  • Still feeling a lack of resource or resourcefulness

  • Working through deep trauma

  • Still engaged in their own stories that are perpetuating triggers and frustration

  • Not ready to dive deep in practices such as working intimately with your altar

  • Still questioning yourself and second guessing your intuition

  • Who is very much still in their head space and currently working on tapping into their heart space

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Meet your Emerald Guides…

Emerald Guide Jen.png

Jennifer Worthen, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board-Certified Music Therapist and a Fellow with the Association of Music and Imagery. She has also trained in the use of an assessment tool utilizing ancient archetypal symbols and mandalas. Jen credits her training in the modality of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music as being instrumental in setting on her path of personal and collective healing, as well as being the work that introduced her to the power of the non-ordinary state of consciousness. Jen began her study of indigenous wisdom and folk healing in 2006 when she began her apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with don Jason Blaesing and don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo. Jen has a private practice in which she weaves together her healing alter/mesa, counseling techniques and music or vibratory offerings in humble service to the empowerment of whomever shows up.


Caroline Padgett is a Shamanic Priestess, Psychic and Seer, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher. She is a Sound Healer and Channel, Ceremonialist, Medicine Woman & Wisdom Keeper. Caroline is a walker between worlds and has been since she was a child. She listens deeply and inwardly, and with clairvoyant sight views the subtle energy patterns that surround your physical body. This is called the Aura or Bio Magnetic Energy Field. She moves between the physical realm and the subtle energetic realms with ease integrating messages, and insights from the more subtle realms. She has a deep reverence of life and for the transformational journeys we choose to embark upon. She is here to help make any transition or difficulty smoother in the process. It is with her deepest gratitude that she walks this path and would love to share in the journey with you.


Sarah is actually a crystal. Like most crystals, she practices to express a fluid gender identity, and is technically a "they," though she is happy to be referred to as "she" as well. Sarah's work with healing and subtle energy began as she earned her Masters in Acupuncture. Her study of stone + crystal medicine also began at that time, as she completed a year-long study in Taoist Stone Medicine with Jeffrey C. Yuen, 88th generation Taoist priest. That was just the beginning of over a decade of receiving the living transmissions of the Jade Purity Lineage - Sarah teaches from this rich tradition to hundreds of students all over the U.S.

As she practiced with stones on the body, they awakened her to a deep remembrance of the meridians of the body of Earth, and conscious grids between land forms, ancient sites, and beyond to higher dimensions. Sarah created the Heaven on Earth Project in response to a visitation from Isis, suddenly waking her from sleep one night in 2016. Her directive was to resurrect the ancient temple arts of Creation using stones, light, sound, and more to employ the network of Earth and Celestial energy lines. The goal of the project is to retrieve and update incoming vibrational information, merge the Ascended Gaia timeline to Now, and anchor love and unity consciousness solidly here on Earth. Her secret name is Starwolf. (shh).

Emerald Guide Seren.png

Seren Petrichor is an artist, mentor, shamanic practitioner and homesteader. Seren has always had deep kinship with nature and loved exploring the land and sea. Kin holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. This is where kin discovered a passion for sacred plants, ancient cultures and a yearning for deeper connection to spirit. From there he gained many spirit totem allies caring for animals at zoos and aquariums. Kins path then led to the art of glassblowing. This expression has evolved from functional art into channeled Source collaboration of sacred tools (and intentional functional art). Seren studies with Asheville priestesses and healers and has been trained in sacred Cacao journey work and in the Eagle Condor Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

Kin also heard the call from the universe to step out of his isolated glass studio and start helping out there in the world. Seren followed the call and became a mindfulness mentor at a residential treatment center helping teenagers recover and heal from trauma and addiction. This has allowed kins spiritual gifts to emerge and given quite a energetic and supportive container to practice within. Seren teaches basic meditations, earth altars, journey work, lucid dreaming, Reiki and Hucha Sami cycling.



You will receive sacred tools as gifts during specific times within the Sacred Gaia Mastermind. These magical tools are to assist you on your path as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.

You are here because you have already entered the Sacred Gaia Circle where I explained the Emerald Dragon Map and how it connected with your business.

Based on the information that I have shared, it’s time to drop in and discern if this feels like the next step in your evolution as a seer, an oracle, a maga, a priestess. Your business and your work is more than just earning more money. The more you are tapped into the field, opening yourself to the fourth dimension, the more impact, abundance, and resources will flow to you.

Dear sister, my fellow Cosmic Warrior Priestess, you have a sacred business and it’s time to algin her with your divine mission.

Notice if you feel a stirring within your solar plexus.

Your crystal tower is emanating a frequency that aligns with this work.

If you feel the call, please enter your details below to learn more about this experience.


Sacred Gaia Mastermind

a mystical journey using The Emerald Dragon Tablet

6-Months, 12-Months, or 18-Months

Journey guided by your dragon so you may connect more deeply with Gaia, the Star Nations, and your Sacred Business.

This is more than a mastermind, it’s a mystical journey as a Cosmic Warrior Priestess.

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