Continue to dive into the sacred path of a Priestess

Welcome sister. 
I know, I have felt it as well.
You hear the call to be a sacred space holder and create circles that touch people around the world. 
This is a 3-month mentorship program where you will get deepen your understanding as a priestess of circle medicine.

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This is for you if:

  • you already hold circle or a group program
  • desire to deepen your understanding of being a space holder
  • you feel the pull to create transformational experiences for your tribe
  • you are ready to be your own teacher and explore the medicine of circle
  • you feel the pull to sing, drum, dance in circle
  • you desire to learn more about rituals & ceremonies
  • you feel the call to walk your prayer through ancient earth medicine practices
  • you no longer only want to take an online training but have a mentor guide you on this path
  • you desire to play in all different types of mystical realms to support the wisdom that already lies within you
  • feel a soulful YES to providing sacred circles that are full of rituals, ceremonies, ritures of passage, connection, and love

Here’s a taste of what we will discover during our time together:

  • What is your circle medicine
  • How do you infuse your gifts into circle
  • What does it mean to live life as if it was a circle
  • Practices, rituals, ceremonies that you can use in circle or a group program
  • Songs, drumming technique, dances
  • Moving through any story or resistance to being a soulful, feminine leader


What you receive:

  • Private 45-minute mentorship calls with me 
  • Sacred Circle work to practice
  • Inspiration to assist you in your circle or program