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Sacred  Sister  Decree

we are one.

keepers of light

harborers of truth

conduits of history

sent here to

heal old stories

co-sign new contracts

transmit infinite love

we are one.

destined to merge sacred paths

on our way to cosmic consciousness

permit me the honor to share the potency

of rituals



and being in temple space

step into  the  circle, sister.

your  soul  family  awaits.

I work with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine.

Through the ancient gift of circle, we are able to navigate the intricacies of holding space and weave powerful moments for healing, connection, creation, and celebration. It is this sacred path through the magic of circle where we become one and experience that as our truth.

Enter my temple space, dear sister, where we circle together in galactic synergy to create change and feel connected to our divine purpose and sacred path.

You  are  a  powerful  being.
A  magnet  for  miracles.
A  force  of  nature.

But you know there is more. You can feel it in your Soul. Something is off. Life is good but you want more. You need more. You crave more. You’re ready to unravel the mysteries of your Heart and listen with playful curiosity to what is possible. To decipher the gentle calling of your Soul.

The call for sisterhood, sacred women’s circle work, magic, alchemy, and the honoring of the divine feminine.

If only someone was there to translate the whispers for you.

To convert your heartbeats into a transformative business and translate your heart’s desires into an inspired, actionable plan so you create ripples of change in the world as a soulful, feminine leader.

Pure, simple, and fun – so natural and in the flow that it feels magical, graceful, and expansive.

What if your business came together the same way?

There is a way to surrender into what your heart wants and what the world needs.

A way to turn that into a journey that brings you more abundance and spaciousness than you thought possible, with the freedom to enjoy it and a system that allows you to be calm while living wild and free from anywhere in the world, with confidence and clarity and ease.




Sacred Circle Foundation

An online women's circle
& business training

Step into the sacred space of circle work and expand your capacity to give, receive, and grow in business and life. 


Sister Success Mastermind

12-month mastermind for the badass, soulful, feminine leader.

Are you feeling called to burn it all down and prepare for a rebirth of your business (and yourself) with a tribe of women ready to witness your liberation?


Sister Success Retreat in Guatemala

Nov 4 - 11, 2017

Calling all badass, soulful feminine leader who desire to embody beauty, abundance and grace. It's time to create great impact and serve in a potent way.



Sacred Circle Path


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